Local Leeds Ground Source Heating Installers

Horizontal ground source heat pump system for heating home with geothermal energy. 3D rendered illustration.

Gecko Renewables are a Yorkshire based family business who are able to design, install, maintain and repair different types of Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) and heating systems within your home or business.

Ground Source Heat Pumps use buried pipes called collectors to absorb heat from the ground. A Glycol based fluid is pumped around the pipes by the heat pump, the heat absorbed is then used within the heating and hot water system in your home or business.

The collectors are placed in the ground in either a borehole or vertical/ horizontal trench.

Gecko Renewables can undertake a full installation of a trench or borehole Ground Source Pump Heating system.

Gecko can combine Ground Source Heating with existing Gas, LPG or Oil systems to create a hybrid system to provide comfort and flexibility for heating and hot water.

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What is Ground Source heating?

A ground source heat pump is a renewable heating system that extracts low-temperature solar energy stored in the ground or water using buried pipework and compresses this energy into a higher temperature. A ground source heat pump provides a building with 100% of its heating and hot water all year round.

Heat naturally flows from warmer to cooler places. A ground source heat pump exploits these physics by circulating a cold fluid through ground array pipework in the ground or water. It absorbs low-grade surrounding energy from external heat sources, such as rock, soil, lakes, and streams.

The ground source heat pump then compresses and condenses this free energy to a higher temperature and transfers it to the property’s heating and hot water system.

Having surrendered the absorbed energy from the ground to the heat pump, the fluid continues its circuit back to the submerged pipework to commence the cycle all over again.

Gecko Renewables can install the full system of Ground Loop Pipes and Ground Source Heat Pumps. Please call us on 01132 571182 for more information.

The process of how a heat pump works

  1. A cold water anti-freeze mix is pumped through the ground within a series of energy-absorbing pipes, known as ground arrays. As heat naturally flows from warmer to cooler places, the anti-freeze mix circulating the array is constantly warmed by the ground’s low-grade heat.
  2. Having increased in temperature, the anti-freeze mixture is fed into a heat exchanger called the evaporator.
  3. Within the secondary sealed side of the evaporator heat exchanger is a refrigerant that acts as a heat transfer fluid. When the water anti-freeze mixture enters the evaporator, the energy absorbed from the ground is transferred into the refrigerant which begins to boil and turn into a gas.The refrigerant never physically mixes with the water anti-freeze mixture. They are separated like sandwich layers by the plates of the heat exchanger which permit the heat transfer.
  4. This gas is then fed into a compressor. The pressure of the refrigerant gas is increased in the compressor, which makes the gas temperature rise.
  5. The hot refrigerant gas then flows into a second heat exchanger, called the condenser, which features an identical set of heat transfer plates.
  6. The condenser delivers water hot enough to serve the space heating system and the property’s hot water needs. Having transferred its heat, the refrigerant gas reverts to a liquid.
  7. This liquid is then passed through an expansion valve at the end of the cycle to reduce its pressure and temperature, ready to commence the cycle all over again.
Horizontal ground source heat pump system for heating home with geothermal energy. 3D rendered illustration.

Trench Ground Source heat collectors

There are two kinds of trench “collectors” used in Ground Source Heating Systems:

Horizontal Collectors – This is a pipe loop that is buried more than one metre underground and covers about two times the floor space of your home.

Compact Collectors – These can be placed in a horizontal or vertical position and take up less space than the basic “Horizontal Collectors”.

Gecko Renewables can install any of the Ground Source Heating Collectors and Ground Source Heat Pumps. Please call us on 01132 570082 for more information.


Borehole Ground Source heat collectors

These are ideal where there is a shortage of space, or the ground is unsuitable for trenching. The borehole will go down about eighty metres.

The borehole Ground Source Heat Collector causes less upheaval than trench system as it is drilled vertically into the ground. This system is ideal for houses with small gardens or businesses with car parks where large-scale trench excavations cannot take place.

Gecko Renewables can install Borehole Collectors and Ground Source Heat Pumps. Please call us on 01132 571182 for more information.