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Solar Thermal heating systems can generate between 50-60% of your hot water.

We place the Solar Thermal Heating panels on a South facing roof or mount them on frames placed on a flat roof or on the ground. The solar panels are then angled between 15 – 75 degrees to maximise the exposure to direct sunlight. The heated water is then stored in a well insulated tank in your home.

By installing a solar water heating system, not only would you be reducing your carbon footprint, you can also make savings on your energy costs.

Savings will vary depending on the size of the property, the size of the solar water heating installation and the amount of sunlight in your area.

Some householders have been known to reduce their annual energy bills by anything between 30-70%.

A solar water heating system can provide you with hot water throughout the year and can be backed up by a boiler or immersion heater in the colder months when there is not as much sunlight.

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How cost effective is a solar thermal system?

A Solar Thermal Heating System offers an extremely efficient way of generating free hot water from the sun.

The only small associated cost of running a solar thermal system will come from the pump which moves the glycol mix down from the panel or collector to your hot water cylinder.

This pump however will only run when the temperature in the panel is 8’c higher than the hot water cylinder, reducing your electricity requirement. Greenskies solar thermal systems will also benefit you due to their low maintenance design.

The cost of having a solar thermal system installed is likely to vary considerably between different properties. For example the addition of solar panels to a home which already has a System or Regular type boiler rather than a Combi boiler is likely to be significantly cheaper.

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